About us

AfriScandic is the first ever Online  and mobile web based company in Scandinavian  that provides multiple marketing portals for comapnies as well as indivduals for searching/posting Advertisment to rent, to buy or to sell a wide range of goods and services and also to register your company and to post your company Ads.

As is well known Scandinavian in general and Sweden in particular is regarded as second home for many Africans.  As can be seen from SCB  Population statistics, there are 194,758 Africans , from more than 20 African countries, living in Sweden. These figure does not even include those  African childrens born in Sweden from African Parents, from Swedish Parents or from other nationalities.

The Population growth of Africans in Sweden as well as the ever growing multifaceted communication between Swedens and Africans has  been the driving force for AfriScandic to come into being.

These huge, diverse and ever growing  African population in Sweden has obviously a big market demand which, beside in Swedish, also need to be  served with various African langauges of it´s choice.

AfriScandic has therefore as it´s market strategy choosen to use various  African local languges such as  Arabic ,  Amharic, Somalian , Tigrigna as well as the two most widely used langauges in the whole Africa; namely English and French.

Take advantage of the various langauges of the amazing AfriScandic Online plattform to advertise your goods and services, such as property and real estate, apartment, accommodation, motor vehicles, electronics, business ads, auctions, events and related activities and reach Africans across Sweden, Scandinavian and even beyond.